Living A Life of Active Faith

At Indy Metro, we believe that our relationship with God is never static. It is constantly evolving and requires constant practice and growth. While discipleship can mean many things, we invite you to explore these three phases of discipleship - the inward, outward, and together journey - which work together to create a well-rounded, ever-deepening relationship with God. 

The Inward Journey

To deepen our love of God, we must make time to be alone in His presence. Through the inward journey, we utilize spiritual practices such as prayer and scripture reading to regularly connect with God in our daily lives.

The Outward Journey

Sharing the love of Christ means being an active part of your community through serving. Through the outward journey, we demonstrate Christ’s love for us by bringing His love into the city.

The Together Journey

In the together phase of our faith journey, we rely on our spiritual community to help us grow. As a church, we support one another and share the responsibility of demonstrating God’s Kingdom to those outside of the Church.

Questions about the discipleship journey?

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