Your #Generosity At Work :: Blessing Those Who Bless Others. Hear what the teachers have to say.

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On Sunday, August 16, Indy Metro Church celebrated “Back to School” Sunday with music, dancing, and a big show of generosity towards 45 Indianapolis Public School district teachers.


As an urban church, we are surrounded by thousands of students. It is easy to see their need and respond, especially through our partnerships with Faith in Tech. But each of those students represents several teachers, who often go unnoticed. As Pastor Aaron shared in his sermon, an average teacher uses hundreds of their own dollars each school year, just to make sure their students have what they need to be successful in the classroom. Because of the generosity of our church family, we were able to bless 45 local teachers with grants of $250, totaling $11,250!


Each teacher submitted an application outlining how they would use the grant to help their students. Lucinda Pote, a teacher at Arsenal Tech, said she will be using her grant to help two students pay for passports for their upcoming trip to Cuba. “Each year we have opened up the chance for students who would normally not be able to travel and see the world the chance to work and pay for an international trip abroad where they are able to receive an elective credit for their experiences and growth as a student and global citizen,” Ms. Pote wrote.


Students will travel, study, eat, and participate in educational opportunities in Havana for 9 days. Some of these opportunities include meeting with conservationists and ecologists in the national parks there, and working with children at a community outreach center. “Most importantly, this chance will show these two students that life and the world is bigger than the challenges they face every day here in our city. Students who have their passport in hand are more driven to travel and see that they can accomplish this lofty goal,” Pote continued.


We praise God for teachers like Lucinda Pote who work so hard each day to expand their students’ worldview outside of Indianapolis!


Cynthia Hartshorn, a music teacher at Arsenal Tech, reached out to Indy Metro after she received a grant to help her show choir students. “The most meaningful thing of all was the ‘vote of confidence.’ We all feel unappreciated, overworked, and put down all the time. Hearing that everyone doesn’t feel that way was a real boost.”


At Indy Metro, we want to give hope in the name of Jesus. Because of your generosity, we were able to give these teachers hope for this school year. Thank you for helping others know and follow Jesus through your giving!


To view pictures from Back To School Sunday, click here.


Written by:  Chelsea Hoyt