When God Shows Up in the Club…

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On the third Thursday of each month, Unconditional reaches out to approximately eighty women working in strip clubs in Indianapolis. Walking in holding our gift bags, we say hello to friends we’ve made in the past two and a half years. We’re given prayer requests, sometimes taking a moment in the club to pray over a woman there who asks for prayer.


Several months ago, one of our friends found out horrific news right when we walked into the club. She burst into tears, and we walked over to talk with her. After a few minutes of conversation, we asked if we could pray with her. She nervously replied that she did not know how, as she had never prayed in her life. Her first experience with prayer was huddled with us in the corner of a strip club, as she reached out to God for the first time in her life.  Sometimes in the club, God allows to plant the very first seed of His love!


Three months ago, we walked into the club and were greeted by the usual “Hey, it’s the church ladies!” A new friend we had not met looked at us confused, “Ya’ll are from a church?! Why are you here?”  We explained that God loves her, and that nothing can separate her from the love. That is why we are there, to convey the unconditional love and hope of Jesus Christ. Her eyes watered with tears as we talked about God love. Two months later, she walked out of the club and did not return! She is now looking for a church, and meeting with us regularly for bible study and encouragement!  Sometimes in the club, God allows us to see the harvest.


Last month, we witnessed some of our friends getting treated poorly by men. We saw the frustrations of the life, and the difficulties it can bring at times. Sometimes, God allows our hearts to be broken in the club.


Throughout each month in between times of outreach, we are doing bible study with up to four different women, meeting up for coffee with new friends from the club, having lunch with old friends from the club, praying for our friends, texting and calling, and maintaining relationships. After over two years of ministry, some friends are just now at the point where they are starting to trust us, or ask questions about Jesus.


Within the next month, we will be helping a friend from the club with a fundraiser to help pay for her father’s hospital bills. If you are a baker, we need baked goods to sell! Or, if you would like to buy some of the baked goods to help raise funds, we need that too!  This month we also need prayer for our friend that is transitioning out.


Two weeks ago, we were also given the honor to attend a conference for women working with women in the adult entertainment industry. Through this conference, we had dreams planted, and are praying through what new things God has for us in the coming months. Please join us in praying for these future dreams!



Unconditional’s mission is to unconditionally love women working it the adult entertainment industry with the love of Christ and to equip them for a full and healthy life.  Each month, Unconditional brings gift bags and builds relationships at two local clubs.  Each gift bag provides women with the opportunity to reach out for assistance, spiritual guidance, or even just friendship.  For more information or to find out ways to help, visit Indy Metro online.

Written by:  Sarah Elizabeth Daniel