Indy Metro Church Values

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Our Values

We focus on Jesus

We strive to not major on the minor theological differences that often divide people but work to keep the person of Jesus at the center of who we are, how we live, and what we believe. 

We pursue justice as we serve the marginalized

We follow in the footsteps of Jesus who made the heart of ministry serving and befriending those who were forgotten and pushed aside in the world.

We cultivate life-transforming generosity

We believe that followers of Jesus are to humbly and gratefully use their resources, position in life, and experiences to help others.

We prioritize the next generation

We believe that emerging, younger generations should have a seat at the table – to be loved, mentored, and discipled to know God’s great love for them.

We mobilize people to take lasting Hope to the city
We all interact with a uniquely different group of people in our neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, leisure activities, etc. We believe that growing followers of Jesus take the message of Jesus into their daily lives.

We Provide a safe place for all people
We believe that God creates unity through diversity. We long to be a place where people from different cultures, races, socio-economics, and backgrounds are coming together – using who God has created them to be – in order to display what the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ will look like.