Sermon Reaction:: Jesus in Jonah

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By:  Robyn Bognar

Recently we began the “Old School” series with a discussion about the Old Testament story of Jonah. You might think, “I remember that story from Sunday school when I was a kid!”  However, Pastor Aaron introduced us to a fact that I don’t recall from the children’s storybook. Jonah was all out turning away from a clear instruction from the Lord. And, in that act, the Lord was trying to get Jonah to deliver a message to the people of Nineveh – who frankly didn’t sound like they were even worthy of the Lord’s attention at all! In so many ways, the Lord showed his unreasonable grace by trying to preserve Jonah in delivering his message to these unworthy people. There are many things that God does in this story that show His sovereignty and His grace.
In addition to God’s sovereignty, this story illustrates that we should keep our eye on the purpose – eternity, God’s will, etc. Examples were presented of someone who wanted to get debt free but had no reason … nothing to do with the financial freedom after completing the challenge. Another was a child getting to go on a great trip, but couldn’t stop focusing on the fact that they didn’t get the seat in the car they wanted.
Everyday we encounter these things. It’s so common to run into someone complaining about something, talking about starting over, or what they can change in life.  It’s good to want to make positive changes in life, but we must be sure that when we make these changes we are thinking about big picture, long term, God-honoring things.  Don’t – like Jonah – flee before you think about whether or not you have been following God’s call to begin with.
As we continue through this series, I’m excited to see how this plays out in our lives. Instead of turning the other way, maybe we’ll turn towards the uncomfortable opportunities that God places in front of us.
Listen to the full sermon here.