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Indy Metro Friends & Family!

Last Sunday morning during our gathering, we shared an exciting life-changing update regarding my role as lead pastor of Indy Metro and continued call in the Kingdom.

Last January, in a personal day retreat with the Lord, I came away with two very clear directives for the season ahead for our family. The first is what led our family into fostering and the second was a clear directive for me to focus more deeply on Kingdom initiatives towards the inner-city students, and often most forgotten and orphaned of our city.

While I had no clear direction what the Lord was leading to do exactly, it was clear I needed to continue to seek Him, wrestle through this with friends and be watchful for the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit.

Then in October, seemingly out of the blue, the Lord stirred me with an opportunity involving the leadership of an educational non-profit in very similar scope and focus as the Capstone Leadership Initiative called Elevate Indianapolis.

After a season of interviewing and consideration, with the support of Carrie, the elders, and other close friends, I accepted the position of president and CEO of Elevate Indianapolis (www.elevateindy.org). This position begins officially Wednesday, January 17th.

This was a humbling process full of the Lord’s affirmation at each point along the way tapping into nearly 20 years of my life to bring this very moment in the Kingdom. Carrie and I experienced incredible peace in this decision of seeking the Lord’s clarity in this. Our years in the city, and increasing burden that so many of you share for this next generation, served to affirm this is the best way for me to serve the city and our church in this season of my life.

While I will no longer be serving vocationally as the lead pastor of Indy Metro, I will continue to serve as an elder in the church we have given so much of our lives to since 2006. I’m very excited to continue being involved in this season of Indy Metro in so many of the ways I have.

These past 9+ years serving as the lead pastor of Indy Metro have been quite literally life changing. Some of our greatest joys, sorrows and life moments have occurred during this season of our life. Our family is quite literally very different in so many ways and God’s people have been a much part of this reality in every season of our lives here at Indy Metro.

Over the coming weeks the elder team will be meeting and sharing more details of the transition plan and how we will continue to be the family of God on mission with Him in Indianapolis. My heart continues to be richly centered on His perfect plans for Indy Metro Church and discovering those together with you in 2018.

Serving with you,

Pastor Aaron