Discipleship :: The Together Journey

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Discipleship is the process where we embrace a new and better way to live – where we learn to focus who we are on loving God and displaying the values of His Kingdom to others. It is an ongoing and ever-developing relationship with God more than a destination to be found. Taking this journey together is the essence of what it means to be a church.

Although discipleship at its core cannot be fully captured by a finite set of steps, we believe that a helpful way to think about it is an inwardoutward, and together journey. In this post, my hope is to provide a framework for us to follow on our together journey – being the church.

As always, one of my main roles in the church is to support, assist, and encourage you in knowing and following Jesus. I would be more than happy to meet with you if doing so will help you to better develop a rhythm of discipleship in your life!

Serving with you,

Pastor Jared




A Framework for the Outward Journey :: Being the Church


Embrace your identity as part of the Indy Metro family by meaningfully contributing to the Sunday Morning Gathering at least once a month.

Understand who you are, what makes you unique, what gifts/strengths you have and serve the people of your church accordingly once a month. This can take many shapes from giving rides to those who need them, running the sound board, helping to organize fellowship meals, teaching in MetroKids, setting up chairs, greeting people as they arrive, or cleaning a toilet. If you are unsure in what ways you can meaningfully contribute, one of the pastors would be happy to help you discover this!


Intertwine your life with others in the church more fully by participating in a missional community each semester.

At their core, missional communities are meant to invite accountability into our lives as we discuss with each other our progress and our hang-ups on the inward and outward journey. They also provide an environment where we can work together to engage in mission, teaching us how to do so more effectively in our own individual lives. To learn more about our missional communities, including how to join one, visit the “Serving Our City” tab.


Prioritize life-transforming generosity by pledging your giving at the beginning of each calendar year.

Although our financial generosity as followers of Jesus should not be confined only to giving to the church, pledging what we will give each year is a way for us to not only grow in generosity as we reexamine what we are giving compared to our current financial situations, but it is also a way for us to continue to affirm to one another the importance of us being a church together as we each contribute financially in the ways that we can. To pledge your giving, visit the “Give” tab.


Learn to be vulnerable with the “unfinished” pieces of your heart by confessing your sins to others at least once a month.

At the root of our brokenness is a desire for safe relationships and unconditional love. This is what we have in Christ but we struggle to live from this truth because very few relationships in our lives look this way. As we confess our sins to each other and prayer together for healing, we learn to not live in isolation – trusting one another with the most fragile pieces of our lives. Confession should occur with people of the same gender – either 1-on-1 or a small group – and requires honesty and confidentiality in order to be healthy and effective. One of the pastors would love to help you in establishing this rhythm with others in the church if needed.