Community and Mission

Jared HuckstepDaily Word

Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him. – Luke 8:1


As we continue to prepare for our upcoming transition to the eastside, our goal is to be a church excelling at both community and mission – equipping, supporting, and encouraging each other together into a lifestyle of missional living. We are aimed at being the people of God, on mission with God, for the glory of God.

As individuals, as missional communities, and as a church, we want to see ourselves as a smaller part in the greater Kingdom of God that He is unfolding all around us. We will continue to deemphasize the notion that our lives with God are primarily defined by a church service or by how consistent we are in spiritual disciplines – Bible study, prayer, etc. Instead, we will continue to emphasize that the gathering of God’s people and a daily rhythm of connecting with the Lord through spiritual disciplines are the vitally important fuel we need to know and follow Jesus in our workplaces, communities, and daily routines.


Our Sunday Morning Gatherings will…

  • Equip us to look for God and join Him in His work in our everyday lives.
  • Celebrate what God is doing around us, within us, and through us as His beloved children.
  • Encourage us to associate issues of justice (racial reconciliation, poverty, etc.) with Kingdom living.
  • Create opportunities for people to meaningfully contribute to the body by joyfully expressing their spiritual gifts.
  • Display to those who do not know Jesus the values of God’s Kingdom by how we love each other and by how we are pursuing a deepening relationship with Jesus together.


Our Missional Communities will …

  • Promote Community – Teaching us to trust each other with the most vulnerable places in our hearts, celebrating the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in each of us instead of believing that to belong we must first be without fault. As we learn to deeply know each other, we will prioritize love by actively holding one another accountable to a lifestyle of discipleship and holy living.
  • Promote Mission – Teaching us to think outwardly, embracing the purpose that we have as God’s people in sharing the lasting hope of Jesus with others and by using our Kingdom resources to break cycles of injustice. As a group, we will not try to “fix” people in our missional activity; instead, we will work together to make room for God’s presence – creating relationships with others and making room for the Holy Spirit to move.
  • Promote Discipleship – As we find a place to serve as a group monthly, we will anticipate God using these experiences to shape our hearts, illuminating how He is inviting us as individuals to live out the Gospel missionally within our own communities, neighborhoods, workplaces, and daily lives. Our missional communities will be “classrooms” where we are serving together so that we learn how to live missionally as individuals.