What can 30 minutes a week change?

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Today I started a new tradition. I took my daughter to McDonald’s for Monday morning breakfast. We read from her Young Readers’ Bible together, introduced ourselves to a few people, and spent time praying for … Read More

What is Discipleship?

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I was at Rabble Coffee this morning with my 1-on-1 discipleship partner who happened to meet a man out on the street asking for money. To my discipleship partner’s credit, he brought the man into … Read More

I’m New to the Bible

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  In my last post, I mentioned how to snap out of a funk when it comes to reading your Bible… this begs the question, “What if I am new to the Bible and have … Read More

Reading the Scripture Relationally

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If you are anything like me, you often find yourself in dry patches when it comes to your Bible reading. You aren’t overly thrilled to get up early to do it and it mostly seems … Read More

What is a Missional Church?

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In my very first job interview after college, I quickly learned about how important buzzwords are. During this job interview, one of the questions I was asked was “What do you think about metacognition?” My … Read More

A World of Self-Centeredness (Part 1 of 2)

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This week I (Pastor Aaron) preached through Mark 10:32-45, in a passage that is perhaps the single greatest illustrative story between the how the world functions and how God’s Kingdom functions in all the Gospels, … Read More

Love Guatemala – Summer of Hope

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This summer is the summer of hope.  It is an opportunity for you to partner with Love Guatemala (to learn more, visit loveguatemala.org) in giving hope through the gospel and vocational training.  Our goal is … Read More

Sharing Your Story

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I have a friend named Don whose greatest talent in the entire world is getting other people to talk about themselves. When he is first getting to know someone, he asks questions all about their … Read More

Using SOAP to Study Scripture

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A vibrant devotional life is central to a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, and includes both prayer and Scripture reading. One approach to developing these disciplines is called “The SOAP Method” (SOAP is an acronym … Read More